How To Find Your Router Username & Password

How To Find Your Router Username & Password

If you want to gain access to your router settings, you’ll need to know your router’s username and password. The default username and password are usually printed on the router itself, or you can look it up in the router’s documentation or on the manufacturer’s website. 

In the event that you changed your username and password previously and are now unable to remember them, don’t worry. Here are a few simple steps to find your router’s username and password. You will also find information on resetting your router password and username as well as some general tips to help you remember them.

Ways to Find Your Router Username & Password (5 Ways)

Ways to Find Your Router Username & Password

1. Check Your Router’s Documentation

The most common place to find your router’s username and password is in the router’s manual. This will usually include a card or piece of paper that came with your router that lists the username and password. If you cannot find your router’s manual, you can usually find it online by searching for the make and model of your router. 

2. Check The Router’s Sticker

The router’s sticker is usually located on the back or bottom of the router. It often contains the username and password, as well as other important information. This is usually a great place to look if you cannot find the router’s manual. 

3. Check Your ISP 

If you cannot find the username and password on the router’s sticker or in the manual, you can usually find them by contacting your Internet Service Provider (ISP). They should be able to provide you with the information you need. 

4. Use The Default Username and Password 

If all else fails, you can always use the default username and password that most routers come with. This is usually either “admin” for the username or “password” for the password, but it can vary by the router. 

5. Reset the Router:

If you are still unable to find the router username and password, you can reset the router to its factory default settings. To do this, press and hold the reset button for 30 seconds. This will reset the router to its default settings, including the default username and password.

How to Log into Your Router and Change its Password? (8 Steps)

1. Gather the necessary equipment: You need a computer with an Ethernet cable, a modem, and a router.

2. Connect the router to the modem: Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the modem and the other end into the router.

3. Connect the computer to the router: Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into the computer and the other end into the router.

4. Access the router’s settings page: On the computer, open a web browser and type in the router’s IP address. This is usually or

5. Log into the router: Enter the username and password for the router. This is usually “admin” and “password” but may be different. Consult the router’s manual for the specific username and password.

6. Change the router’s password: Once logged in, find the “Administration” tab and click on it. Then select the “Change Password” option and enter a new password. Make sure to select a strong password that is difficult to guess.

7. Save the settings: After entering the new password, click “Save” or “Apply” to save the changes.

8. Log out of the router: After you have saved the new settings, log out of the router by clicking on the “Logout” button.


Knowing how to find your router username and password can be a great help if you ever need to change your router settings or log in to your router. There are several different ways to find this information, such as using the router’s manual, looking up the information online, using a password reset tool, or using your router’s default username and password. All of these methods can help you get the information you need to access your router, so make sure you know how to do it if you ever need to.