Google Router vs. Apple Router: Which Is Better?

Google Router vs. Apple Router

Are you confused between Google router vs. Apple router? Well, getting confused is natural, as Apple and Google are the leading brands in the technological world. They are recognized for presenting exemplary devices with amazing tech experiences.

Google as well as Apple routers both use advanced technologies to provide users with the best possible connection. To help you with the right decision, we are providing the most useful comparison guide of these recognized routers.

Setup Process

When it comes to easier setup for OS X and iOS, AirPort Extreme is recommended. It is simple to configure, as all you have to do is plug it in and keep proceeding with the steps suggested by the setup assistant. The setup assistant is found in the AirPort Utility.

Windows users need to download other software. Google WiFi, on the contrary, allows easier setup for all users. Simply download the Google WiFi application and scan the QR code. Once the device gets connected, enter the user credentials like username and password.


Google WiFi features a simplistic, compact design and a cylindrical shape. It is different from those box-shaped routers. A stunning LED light provides an appealing lighting effect. The engine behind this router works with 128MB flash memory and 512MB RAM.

The Apple Airport looks somewhat similar except that it is designed in a cuboidal shape. Compared to Google WiFi, it is about 2.5″ long. It needs 32MB of flash memory and 512MB of RAM. So, consider the iCloud storage option when using a Google router to meet other storage needs.


Google WiFi features integrated software – ‘Network Assistant technology’. This software is designed to provide an excellent WiFi connection. It perfectly switches your system to the nearby WiFi point whenever you walk around the home to provide faster connectivity.

Your device gets automatically linked to the fastest accessible band, depending on your area. AirPort Extreme, however, lacks advanced customization features. It only provides common options like port forwarding and guest networking. It doesn’t feature web filtering.


AirPort Extreme is a dual-band router that delivers the theoretically highest performance of 1.75 gigabytes per second. In practical testing, it delivers the performance of 209.6 Mbps at 5 feet and 201.6 Mbps at 50 feet. It is better than Google WiFi in terms of transmission range and speed.

Google WiFi is a reliable choice in urban apartments having jam-packed WiFi bandwidth. Users have up to three hardware units, known as WiFi points. The single unit covers 1500 sq. feet. In comparison, 3 WiFi points cover 4500 sq. feet. The number of units depends on the home size.

Ports & Connectivity

Apple’s Airport Extreme router again wins in the battle of Google router vs. Apple router for connectivity options. It gets the upper hand for featuring multiple LAN ports and a USB port. It is equipped with 1 WAN port, 1 USB port, and 3 LAN ports.

Google WiFi router, on the other hand, features a compact and elegant design; it is built with only a few ports. It features only 1 LAN port and 1 WAN port. This is not for you if you prefer several wired connections.  

DNS Data Collection

Users preferring data collection should consider the DNS provider they are using. To request the IP address of a website, the device sends the hostname to the DNS provider whenever you access any website. Your network will be used as ISP DNS by default.

To use Google DNS by default, the Google WiFi router configures the entire network. Google DNS features the individual Privacy Statement, which says they keep usage logs just for 1-2 days. It doesn’t store permanent use history for the user’s IP.

Wireless Speed

The wireless speed of the Google WiFi router is slower than Airport Extreme – N450/AC1300. However, it is better or similar to Airport Express N300 only. This is not a matter of concern in everyday life. The reason is that devices feature enough bandwidth for transferring media.

It would prove sufficient for streaming 4K content and playing high-end games or updates. But, if you most often require copying large media wirelessly to your local network server, you need to consider the speed. Airport Express is fitted with 10/100 Ethernet Ports.

The Conclusion

Based on the key parameters, this is the comparison guide of Apple and Google routers. Both routers feature easier installation processes, but Apple Airport Extreme lacks a user interface. Google Router will not be your choice if you need several ports.

Apple Airport Extreme is comparatively expensive but supports multiple devices at go. Overall, Apple’s router is much better than Google’s as it provides wide and faster coverage. Also, Apple router uses 1GHz dual-core processor, while Google uses 800MHz dual-core processor.