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Best Router for Ring Doorbell

Ring doorbells have become the de facto standard for smart homes and smart gadgets. They’re easy to install, and they offer great convenience, but if you’ve ever had to try and drill a hole in the wall for a conventional doorbell, you know that it can be a nightmare.

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Ring doorbells have become extremely popular, especially for homeowners. While they are useful for letting visitors know when someone is home, they can also be a privacy threat.

They can be installed in just about any location, and with the help of our router, you can install them in the ceiling, walls, or even a closet.

We researched and found the 4 best ring doorbell routers on the market today, so you can enjoy the convenience of a smart home without having to worry about drilling holes in your walls!

ProductsVoice ControlDimensionsInstallationWhole-Home Coverage
Ring Alarm Pro RouterNot EnabledNot Mention In Product DetailSet up by plugging into a standard outletUp to 2000 sq ft
Google Wifi RouterAlexa Guard Voice Control1.56 in x 2.09 in x 0.55 in (39.6 mm x 53.1 mm x 14.0 mm)Set up via the Ring and eero AppsUp to 3,000 sq ft
NETGEAR Orbi Home RouterNot Enabled4.17 x 4.18 x 2.7 inchesSetup in a few steps use the Google Home appUp to 4500 square feet
NETGEAR Orbi Home RouterVoice Control With Orbi App11.5 x 9.6 x 8.3 inchesSets up in minutes with the Orbi AppUp to 5,000 sq ft

Our Testing Criteria for Products:

We took into consideration the features, ease of use, and installation process of each product. There are several factors that determine the quality of a router. Some of these include price, durability, size, power supply, features, and warranty. A product that comes with a warranty that is valid for a longer period of time has a lower probability of breaking down.

Best Router for Ring Doorbell – Our Top 4 Picks!

Here we have presented the best five-ring doorbell routers on the market today. The best way to choose the best one is to read the reviews of other people and compare them.

1. Ring Chime Pro Router for Ring Doorbell

Ring Chime Pro Router

Our Review:

The Ring Chime Pro Router for Ring Doorbell is a device that can connect with over 2000 square feet of space. This means that you don’t need to have a home office or living room near the front door to get an alert when someone rings the doorbell.

Instead, you can set the Ring Chime Pro Router for Ring Doorbell in a remote location and use the Ring app to manage your alerts from anywhere. It has a built-in nightlight, which makes it easy to know when someone is ringing your doorbell when it’s dark outside. You can use this to make sure that you’re not oversleeping.

Also, it has temporarily snooze alerts all from the Ring app. This way you can set the time you want the alert to be active and the time you want the alerts to be inactive. This way you won’t miss any important calls.

Furthermore, it has a variety of chime tones so that you can adjust the sound to your liking. Also, you can add multiple chimes and different volume settings. Additionally, the chime sounds are waterproof so you can hear them in rain. The 2.4 GHz and 5.0 GHz wireless signals are also made to transmit between two devices.

These signals can only travel short distances. For example, this device can connect to your WiFi router and your Ring doorbell. You can also use it to connect to the internet if you have it. The boost button can help increase the signal of this device. 

Overall, the Ring Chime Pro is a great tool that will help you to communicate with visitors at your home. It has a variety of useful features and is easy to set up.

  • Hear real-time notifications
  • Easily set up by plugging into a standard outlet
  • Includes a built-in nightlight
  • Variety of chime tones
  • All chime sounds can’t be previewed in the app

2. Ring Alarm Pro Router for Ring Doorbell

Ring Alarm Pro Router

Our Review:

The Ring Alarm Pro Router is an extremely portable doorbell and home security camera device. It not only serves as a doorbell but also works as a security camera with a wide-angle lens that covers up to 3,000 sq. ft.

In addition, it has an eero Wi-Fi 6 router that supports gigabit speeds up to 900Mbps. This allows you to connect it to your home network to stream video, use it as a file server, or as a wireless access point to allow devices like smartphones and tablets to connect to your network wirelessly.

Furthermore, its versatility, the Ring Alarm Pro Router also offers many other unique features. These include 24/7 professional monitoring, the ability to be connected to both the Ring and eero apps and an integrated battery that will allow you to receive notifications on your smartphone and/or tablet even if it is dead.

While the Ring Alarm Pro Router may look like a very simple device, it is actually packed with many useful features and accessories. These include a power supply, wall adapter, USB charging cable, and remote control. The battery backup will ensure that you will have full coverage if you lose power. This can help you to save money if you use the router only during power outages.

Also, another unique feature of this device is that it has optional online threat protection that lets you monitor your home in real time. This can be helpful because if your home is being targeted by intruders, the alarm system will notify you and sound the alarm to alert you of the situation. This means you will not have to worry about a break-in or an intrusion into your home.

  • Speeds up to 900 Mbps
  • Covers up to 3,000 sq. ft
  • Set up via the Ring and eero Apps
  • With optional online threat protection
  • A bit Pricey 

3. Google Wifi Router for Ring Doorbell

Google Wifi Router For Doorbell

Our Review:

We did a lot of research on the internet before we wrote our review. We found out that the Google Wifi Router for Ring Doorbell was very popular and highly recommended by other people. There are many benefits of buying a Google Wifi Router for Ring Doorbell, which is a wireless mesh system that allows you to connect up to 50 devices to your Google Wifi router. 

Simply download the Google Home app, connect to your existing WiFi network, and follow the simple setup instructions. Easily extend the range of your WiFi network with Google Wifi, which supports both 2.4GHz and 5GHz radios.

The Google Wifi will automatically connect to your existing WiFi network, providing an easy connection. The Google Wifi has a range of up to 4,500 square feet. You can easily extend its coverage with up to 5 Google Wifi points, giving you a much larger network area.

Parental controls let you manage screen time Use the built-in filters to control what your children can and can’t access on the router, plus you can block them from visiting any websites. Wired connections allow you to use your own router and computer, or choose one of the included adapters that give you 2 ports per point. 

In Our Testing Process:

We tested Google Wifi for Ring Doorbell, and we got good feedback. After we used it for a while, we found that it was very helpful. The device was easy to install and operate, and we liked how it looked. We liked the fact that it was a mesh network, and we liked the idea of using one device instead of having to use multiple ones. The setup process was simple, and it took less than a minute to configure.

  • Simple setup use the Google Home app
  • Parental controls let you manage screen time
  • Works with all Nest Wifi and Google Wifi devices
  • Ethernet Ports2 per point
  • Not comes with Battery Backup

4. NETGEAR Orbi Home Router for Ring Doorbell

NETGEAR Orbi Home Router

Our Review:

If you’re a Ring customer looking to upgrade from a basic doorbell camera setup, then you’ll want to look at the Orbi Home WiFi System from NETGEAR. The Orbi is a home router that combines the functionality of a WiFi extender, a mesh router, and a base station to create a highly secure wireless network throughout your entire home. And while it isn’t the cheapest router on the market, it does offer some impressive features.

It can cover up to 5,000 square feet, which is more than enough for most homes. Also, it can extend your network coverage up to 2,500 square feet, which is more than enough for most homes. It also supports up to eight simultaneous connections. And when you need to extend the Orbi’s range, the device automatically switches to mesh mode.

This device can handle up to 100 devices simultaneously. It is a home automation router that allows all your devices, including smart home devices, doorbells, tablets, and smartphones, to connect to it. The Orbi uses its own battery power, so it doesn’t need to be plugged into a wall outlet to work.

In order to protect your network from potential intruders, Orbi will even block malicious Wi-Fi traffic. The Orbi doesn’t support Voice over IP (VoIP), which means calls from the Orbi won’t be able to make and receive calls. 

Finally, the Orbi router has excellent features that are a huge advantage over competitors. You can use the Orbi as a base station, a repeater, or a hub. This device supports a massive amount of connectivity, including VoIP. Moreover, it is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, Samsung SmartThings, Wink, and WeMo.

  • Extend coverage up to 2,500 sq. ft
  • For up to 100 devices
  • A lot of security features
  • Sets up in minutes with the Orbi App
  • Doesn’t support Voice over IP (VoIP).

Buying Guide About Router for Ring Doorbell

Guide About Router for Ring Doorbell
Guide About Router for Ring Doorbell

If you are looking for the best doorbell for your house, you may want to consider buying one that can do a lot more than just ring your doorbell.

Battery Backup:

Battery Backup for ring doorbell
Battery Backup for ring doorbell

If you want to buy a doorbell with a built-in battery backup, you should consider one that has a rechargeable battery. There are several advantages to this.

Firstly, you can avoid having to change the battery yourself.

Secondly, you won’t have to worry about running out of power.

Thirdly, you can use it in multiple locations, and fourthly, you can even control it from your phone.

The advantage of having a rechargeable battery is that you can use it over an extended period of time. If you have it connected to the internet, you can leave it plugged in all the time. Another great thing about a rechargeable battery is that you can recharge it without having to go to a store.

Coverage Range:

The range of coverage depends on how far away you are from your router. For instance, if you are located close to your router, then you will only get coverage within a 30-meter radius. If you move further away, the coverage will be a bit reduced.

If you are on the other hand using a wireless network at home, then you will have coverage all over the house. If you are using a wifi extender for coverage, then the range can be more than that of a router.

When it comes to a Ring Doorbell, a strong and reliable connection is crucial for ensuring smooth operation. Apple router with its impressive coverage range (About 300 Feet) would be an excellent choice for a home with a Ring Doorbell. But these Routers are very expensive options as compared to other router models available with similar specifications.

Cost of the router:

There are many routers on the market today, but not all of them are the same. The cost of a router depends on the brand name and the features that it offers. Some routers offer more features than others, and this can make them costlier. Some routers can work with both wired and wireless networks, while others are only capable of doing one.

If you are looking for a very cheap router for home security, you can get one that costs $100 to $150. If you are looking for something more expensive, you will be required to spend about $300 to $400.

Compatibility With Ring Doorbell:

If you are planning to install a doorbell or a motion sensor in your home, you should consider getting a compatible router. This is because you will need to connect the doorbell or motion sensor to your router.

If the device you are installing doesn’t work with your router, then it won’t work in your home. Some of the latest models of routers are compatible with the Ring Doorbell and the Motion Sensor. The Ring Doorbell has a built-in Bluetooth speaker that can be connected to your router, and the motion sensor can be connected to your router as well.


At the end of this article, We have discussed why you should buy the Ring Doorbell and what problems you will have with it. You can also find out what you should look for in a good doorbell, and what you should avoid when buying one.

If you have any questions about this article, don’t hesitate to ask them in the comments section.

How can I improve my Ring Doorbell WIFI?

If your Ring Doorbell WIFI isn’t working as well as you’d like, there are a few things you can do to try to improve the situation. First, make sure that the doorbell is placed in a location with good WIFI reception. If your router is located far away from the doorbell, or if there are walls or other obstacles between the two, that can interfere with the signal and cause problems.

Another thing you can try is to reboot your router and doorbell. Sometimes that can help clear up any connection issues that might be causing problems.

If you’re still having trouble after trying these things, you can contact Ring customer support for assistance.

Does Ring Doorbell use 2.4 GHz or 5GHz?

The Ring Doorbell uses the 2.4 GHz band for its wireless connection. This is the same frequency band that is used by most wireless routers and other devices in your home. The 5 GHz band is not used by the Ring Doorbell usually.